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StrayStar 07-08-2017 09:36 AM

Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...

Some day, could happen sooner rather than later, it's is possible you may log into The Bards and find that many of the photos are gone.

Many people, including myself, use Photobucket to host the photos they post here and on other forums and many places on the web. Including eBay, Amazon and many other auction/e-commerce sites.

Here is a press release from Photobucket:

Denver, Colorado (July 6, 2017) One of the world’s leading photo storage and hosting sites has begun notifying its largest commercial scale users that it will now offer an unlimited third party hosting subscription plan.

John Corpus, CEO of Photobucket, said that historically the company “relied heavily on advertising revenue but that major industry-wide changes in the advertising space have greatly impacted Photobucket, including the rise of ad blockers and the Company’s explosion of 3rd party hosting that generates zero revenue.”

“This model is no longer sustainable,” Corpus added.

Corpus noted that seventy-five percent of Photobucket’s costs originate from non-paying users leveraging 3rd party hosting. The majority of the industry has either eliminated 3rd party hosting or imposed variable pricing based on consumption. To address the market, Photobucket has added unlimited hosting to its Plus 500 Subscription plan at a competitive fixed price.
Photobucket modified its Terms of Use in the second quarter of 2017. The Company began notifying non-paying users through email and on-site messaging that the Plus 500 plan offers 3rd Party Hosting for both commercial and personal use requiring no development or technical experience. Photobucket users who elect not to subscribe to the Plus 500 plan are always able to access all of their photos and migrate to alternative solutions if they so desire.

In Photobucket’s 14-year history, the Company has amassed over 100 million registered users, over 15 billion images stored, with 2 million daily uploads and 60 billion photos accessed monthly.

“With all the photos stored and shared, nearly everyone interacts with a Photobucket hosted image on at least one page across the web over a sixty-day period, putting the photo hosting service as a significant part of the internet,” Corpus said.

Corpus said that “initial results for the Company are positive. This path to a more sustainable business model allows us to develop an even more robust product to meet our customers’ needs.”

“We are grateful for our customers’ continued support,” he added.
Okay, that's a heap of reading. What it boils down to is, you must pay them $399 per year to be able to link to photos hosted on Photobucket.

Already many photos have "gone dark" from high traffic forums as well as Amazon and eBay.

The above was from a blog on Photobucket, actually the process started a couple weeks ago.

For the moment I don't see any pics missing, hopefully it will stay that way.

However, if you have a favorite pic from a poster on this forum, I would encourage you to copy/download them to your computer before they go (if they do)

If there are any that was posted back in the day by Rodney or IP that you are fond of, grab them asap. I no longer have access to the Photobucket account they are stored at, so when(if) they're gone, they're gone, not to be seen by Bardonians again.

Sorry to be the bearer of (possibly) bad news.

StrayStar 07-08-2017 09:51 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
Here's an example of an Amazon ad that has had the link to pic on Photobucket shut down by Photobucket.

Read article here:

Noguru 07-10-2017 10:47 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
Ha ha ha, 399/yr. Wow, sign me up! :thumbsup

StrayStar 07-10-2017 04:25 PM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
LOL yes, that's a little steep. And pretty much the same price for someone earning money with the bandwidth and someone that uses it for, say, posting photos on forums.

Maybe with our small useage these days we are under the radar. I know of a guy that for the last 12 years have been running a stamp collecting forum and has spent thousands of hours compiling pics of stamps on the site. His work was wiped out.

StrayStar 07-25-2017 02:11 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...

So... I got this email from Photobucket overnight:
Are you worried about your account?

Don't be! All of our Plus Members are grandfathered in for 3rd Party Hosting until the end of your current subscription. However, if you want to beat the crowds and upgrade to the Plus 500 now, we'll give you six months on us!
Worried about cost? Rest assured, the price will be prorated depending on your subscription!

Get My Six Months Free
The "Plus Member" account refers to the accounts were you pay a few bucks a month for no ads and extra space. Not sure if any other benefit. I've had that since whenever it was available.

Now, my current subscription ends on 9/23. I have auto renew. So we'll see what happens then, to my pics at least.
Wrench, if you happen to read this, I'd be interested to know if you have a "Plus" account as well, because your pics still show up here, as well as other peoples.
Rest assured, even at 6 months free - basically half off the 1 year rate - I am not going to pay. So when/if they're gone, they're gone.

I am looking for another pic hosting site with reasonable pricing. I am not cheap and I have not been using Photobucket because it's "free" (been paying about $3/month for a dozen years or more), but because they marketed themselves as free 3rd party hosting from the get-go and went specifically after the eBay crowd based on that. I am willing to pay my way. I pay for a lot of services on the net. But I will not be held up. If the market requires $400 a year to host photos, I will pay it - BUT it won't be to Photobucket. I don't think the market is $400 a year for the very small amount of bandwidth I use. *Don't take that to mean that photo's you see on the Bards would still be here if I go elsewhere, they won't. When Photobucket kicks me, those 3,000+ photo's (and videos) will never return. Any other site I subscribe to I will be starting new.*

But, anyways, Photobucket photo's are still showing up here. Be aware that should that change, The Bard's may shut down soon afterward.

Hence my heads up in my earlier post, if there is any photo you want, especially Rod's, copy it now. I have no idea if the Photobucket account that holds the Bard's photos will be paid or not, I suspect not, as I no longer have access to it and have not since not long after Rodney passed. I do appreciate very much the fact that the Bards photos remain intact and thank the person that allows that.

Noguru 07-25-2017 08:05 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
I got an email overnight also. There is absolutely zero excessive usage. They are really grasping at straws.

I don't appreciate the big brother tone of the message. I'm not sure who manages the place, but they may want to have a marketing meeting, pronto.


Your account has been restricted for excessive usage and 3rd party hosting. In order to restore 3rd Party Hosting, please upgrade to the Plus500 Membership Plan.




They can fuck off, frankly.

If the price was reasonable, say, about the same as hosting my own site, I'd go for it. It is an outrageous price as far as I'm concerned.

I'll be moving my stuff asap.

I think they've made a mistake, and overvalued their service. I also think when people start getting emails accusing them of excessive usage, etc etc, it won't take long to hear the crickets over at Photobucket.

Or, maybe I'm still living in the year 2000.

Noguru 07-25-2017 08:35 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
Just looked at Flickr Pro, $49.99/year

Photobucket site is completely washed out, and filled with ads all over the place. Can't even download albums at the moment. I'm sure it's because everybody and their brother is getting the hell out of dodge.


StrayStar 07-25-2017 08:54 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
I will take a look at Flickr Pro. Tried to look at Google Photos a few min ago but company network blocks it as it does Photobucket.

When I finally get shut off from linking photos at Photobucket I will just delete the whole shebang there. Only 2 reasons I keep photos there, 1 is to link them to here and other forums/blogs, and the other is for eBay for a dozen or so auctions a year. And I don't need it anymore for eBay 'cause they will host up to 12(?) I have around 3,000 pics @ Photobucket, but have a copy of each - except eBay stuff - on my backup hard drives. So I will just let them soak up space at photobucket, or if I can do a mass delete I will.

It will suck when the day comes that we lose all, or most, photos here at the Bards. From the looks of your email from them, it may happen to yours sooner rather than later. I think I have til at least 9/23 before they pull the plug on me.

I don't understand how they can have a "$399 fits all" price structure. There are guys who use a massive amount of bandwidth for their businesses that have been using Photobucket for free. There are others that use a moderate amount. And then there are the "hobby" users that have a few photos linked to forums and the like, and run an eBay auction once in a while. There is a lot of bandwidth distance from the first group to the last.

Like I said before, I ain't cheap and willing to pay for what I use, if reasonable. But I won't be paying Photobucket another nickle, it will be to someone else. Unfortunatly it means that all the pics I have here on the Bards will turn to X's., but fuck Photobucket, they ain't gopnna extort me.

StrayStar 07-25-2017 03:42 PM

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Well, NG, since you got that email I went and checked on a pic of yours... bad news, as I feared, they cut you off... twisting your arm, so to speak. The end is near, I fear.

Here's what it looks like.... :ohwell

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StrayStar 07-27-2017 09:39 AM

Re: Regarding photos on The Coliseum and elsewhere...
FYI for the short term you can use the attachment option to post a photo, those of you that normally use Photobucket. I only ever did it once (post above)

I have fiddled with the settings to allow larger than previously allowed, for .jpgs only, since there is so few of us posting here, compared to our "hey-day".

Still, try to keep the size down, as we only have so much storage before the price for hosting goes up. Not anywhere near that now, but a few of the massive photo files that I am prone to posting would surely kill that off :laugh

This does not change the fact that at some point all Photobucket hosted photos will be gone, at which time I will have a hard decision to make. :ohwell

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