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Default Re: Hey Guys Check in What are you up to?

Originally Posted by Calli View Post
I do hope that there will be financial reparation by the party that didn't have their dog under control, Nog. In our state your dog has to be leashed or under control at all times. That could mean an electronic fence, but you are not allowed to let them roam free. Any such ordinance in your area?
They aren't supposed to run. He's been warned many times. His dogs have been over here on my place, 2 mastiffs. I put them in my truck CAB, and took them back to his farm. They were nice then, but one of them has apparently gotten quite ugly. He has apologized and said he's going to put them down after the quarantine. Once again, animals pay the price for some dumb owner.

This looks bad for my foot, if it goes south, I'll be taking legal action. It's swollen badly, turning all kinds of colours, the damn stitches will rip right out if this keeps going.

Anyway, at least it's summer!! Could always be worse!
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