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Default Re: The Bard

Bardisms (code-talk) at their

Shame on yu, hoakey backwards egotistical ignorant mutt immigrant, taunting fucktard imperialistic fucks.! Backward simps! Squawking and mocking, inferring such horrid things whilst you sit perched upon your false moral high horse as well as not tumbling over the most hanus travesty of justice! Aquiesse to the tiny tiny gay voting block if yu cant take the heat, kitchen thingy! Both blind & ignorant be thee

It would be futile for me to try and I will not respond to such insulting Fucking Ankle-Biting Hall Monitors. ANYONE who tries to suggest otherwise...Well, they for the most part can count on no further responces. I have reached the end of ANY further attempt to reiterate my intent. And most of these called themselves my friend once! Back-biting crones! Pot-stirring back room, trouble-making gossipping crones!

I have nio problem letting bygones be bygones yet…i CANNOT believe my eyes, when folk dare and shame…the untold FURY…is devastating, when laid upon the neck of each one who steps up to the plate. Hundreds and masses precede…in heaped shame and defeat…and they cry as they run, whimper and whine into the sunset. Many of these…are SIMPLE, Backwards, borderline retarded, or crackheads IMO.

I will mark you in time, and you will become lepers in boardieland as a result of it. Pitch ,yur bitch here wanker, if ya got such big balls! Steeped in stubborn and DRIVEN by insatieable gluttouous greed. Power and a need to control all the peasants. Typical 4 foot 8 woose crippled by a napoleonic complex of manhood. Look you blind fucktard, abusive wee-dicked fuck, I await my apology you ignorant long in the tooth slug. The full frontal on your knee position is NOT YET Required! Bone of my Bone!

Dick-smoking Texans????? You neanderthal throwback! I told you you I could run your punk ass off anytime, whay a pussy Your oNLY bitch tough when none answer back You stay down or ill crucify you you disrespectfull fuck! Passive aggressive coward, liar and deciever. Rude prick besides. Freak, The second shoe is about to fall!

Save the longwinded goobylygock…shit with smoke & mirrors and deflection! I…tire of stating my stance on this type of shit. An embarrassment to all civilized folks worldwide. Shall we never be rid of the stench of such…Bastardos, and the very offspring of satan himself? to hell! Elitist fucks! Evil to the core! Fuck it. I tire of it all! I was lambasted, and tagged a bigot! And I don't like it one fucking bit! I'm so fucking pissed I cannot express it!!!

IM leaving this shit for folk to smell the stench up close and personal. I call BULLSHIT! Its a stench in the nostrils of decent folk thats just to ugly & unbearable to inhale And, the scent not even noticed by they who spew it like toxic gas. Banchees, barking at the moon. No more, no less. Fuck you liar ive had my fill of you.

Fuck you…passive aggressive prick Who will never drop anything You fucking crybaby If I ignore you you cry like a bitch If I respond you cry like a bitch So, I guess Ill just do what the fuck I want, when I want And if you dont like it, You can take your Wa wa wa wa hypocrytical INSANE fucking ass off…Or ether STFU bitch Fucking pussy bitch! Needy teatboy. Fresh muthafucker!

Know that! & Know it deep you fucking loser! Yes my friend, I am the ultimate bad-ass, in word, or in person. My enemies hate to admit they like me Yet....they do. I am endearing to be certain, of this all agree in unison And my stunning good looks, are only surpassed by my wit, intellect, charm humble, and affable disposition. Bone of my Bone!

I'm washing my hands of this piece of shit. I am DONE taking that kind of insults and shit from folk, for fucking ever. This asshole has done this ten times…there will, NEVER be an eleventh! Im too FUCKING pissed already over your fucking bullshit. It's cus your a dick man. Im done fucking around with you. I don't like ya, i wont tolerate ypour dark ass anymore. You had plenty of chances. Your just another passive aggressive asshole, mocking the entire world.

Know that! And Know it DEEP citizens of bardonia!
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