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Default Many Tributaries, One Truth

Letters To Ted # 89" 5/7/2002

Many Tributaries, One Truth

My friend Ted,

As I gaze out my window this day and observe the sun unfolding throughout the New Mexico sky so expansive, I’m suddenly taken with this hushed reverence within, concerning the delicate masterpiece nature represents in its entirety. My oh my, how blindly we walk daily in our rushed existence, neither perceiving nor observing this masterpiece unfolding about us, nor the lessons she paints daily for us, in order to instruct and aid us on our journey.

The farmer surely requires no timepiece in order to manage and orchestrate his daily routine and life, for the sun dawns daily in order to awaken him in light to guide him, as well as suggesting a proper time to begin his day. As well, when the weary sun collapses at the end of its day, it alerts the farmer as well to the fact that the time to labor has ceased for that day; as she withdraws her lamplight of natural stunning beauty and radiance.

Yes my friend, the lessons nature attempts to teach us, in paternal indulgence and patient patterns remain numerous indeed, to the man with a hearing heart and seeing eye.

The groundhogs emerging presence, to alert us to the change of season, as well as the migrating birds above. The bears disappearance and reappearance once again, pointing to the season at hand. The mountaintops array themselves in differing attire as well, to allow even the simplest of man, to know what time of year it is.

The daily disappearing species of animal life bordering extinction, points to the gluttony and covetousness of the hunter, who spills the blood and wears the coat of another in shame.

The universe quakes and convulses, due to the disappearing natural environment, now replaced with concrete and skyscrapers, but we hear not her howl in the night. The rodents which dwell underneath the ground, who once dwelled in quiet, now shaken to the foundation of their core being, due to dirt bikes and automobiles, that now vibrate the ground daily, in horrid visitation of unnatural sound.

The sky once blue, painted in pristine, now filled with black clouds due to our man made machines and technology, gasping daily, no longer able to digest nor inhale our poison produced daily. Our rivers and oceans, now so filled with poison that the natural life forms that once existed in freedom, have now died and left us forevermore.

We neither revere the signs of her quaking protest; neither do we seem to care much. We speak much and act little! We offer little respect to the very breath she offers, nor to the sustenance she makes available. Those who in a visionary capacity seek to preserve nature’s very breath and existence, are merely rendered as a laughingstock, and overridden by the oil conglomerates, and the powers that be. Yes, we hear little, and see even less, concerning natures struggle for existence!

Man’s agenda and objective to advance himself in a mode of progress I fear, has always overridden his wisdom insofar as seeking the advice and council of nature on these varied matters of such monumental importance.

There remains a thing called harmony Ted, yes, coexisting with nature, the very landscape and vessel of power that yields life unto us daily! When this harmony is trampled upon in an indecent uprising of seeming indifference, we merely point ourselves in a direction of extinction as a people!

I fear only our Indian ancestors who preceded us in occupation, were the only ones privy to the secrets of survival, reverence and coexistence with nature and her unfolding plan and purpose. But we gleaned not from these enlightened ones, but rather conquered and trampled their wisdom underfoot!

Yes, these who preceded us in times walk, heard well from their sky spirit, and acted in wisdom accordingly. But since their concept of God differed from ours, we felt the necessity to strip them of theirs, and replace it with ours! Same source of power to my way of thinking, approached only from a differing path! Oh yes, I know, many now cry, ‘how horrid, and heresy filled, to claim the power rests in the same hand!’

I know only this much Ted, that the Indians belief system shed a truth more revealing in illumination, acted out in conduct, than that of their conquerors! I suspect this day Ted, after years of contemplation and deliberation, that the final turn in a path representing a belief system, shall not be uncovered until the last turn in the road! Therefore many and multitudes that we deem lost because of their varied belief systems may not be lost at all. We remain smaller in stature of heart than that of our creator! And punier in wisdom as well! I believe a God worthy of reverence, can invite many unto himself by means of many paths!

Before you get your panties in a bunch, oh ye clerical order of the day, allow me to expound! I believe, as there are many tributaries leading to the ocean, there are as well many roads and varied pathways leading to God! I believe as well some roads are paved in more accuracy and truth than others, I feel strongly however, that the true pursuer of truth, the true sincere seeker, shall indeed uncover the real truth in their voyage, according yes, to the will of this creator indeed.

A road traveled in search of truth can be less than perfect Ted, but we know not the final disposition or destination of that tributary now do we? Ok, I shall cut to the chase, lest you garb me in the attire of the heretic! Ted, I firmly believe, that all men who have sought the truth, based on the doctrine and knowledge they had available to them in their lifetime, before expiring and taking their last breath, are exposed to the real truth indeed! I feel as well upon being exposed to this revelation of grave importance, that the sincere seeker of truth in that moment will readily submit and modify his belief system at that moment in time! Knowing of a certainty, that this indeed was the truth he was pursuing, but merely was traveling a circuitous road!

I do not state this day for the benefit of those who now seek to crucify and tar a feather me that all roads lead to truth. But I do feel with a great degree of conviction of both heart and soul however, that those who have lived in the pursuit of such truth shall indeed find it. Yes, I believe the many gentle souls that exist among us in time this day, that have never been exposed to any belief system whatsoever in their lifetime, shall indeed be exposed to the one and only truth available, in their last moment of consciousness! If indeed they have been searching the skies of their hearts their entire lifetimes for this truth.

For some among us indeed are not burdened at all with such a pursuit of goodness and truth, as for these, I cannot begin to speculate as to their final disposition.

But of concrete heart this day I am convinced, that there are many a road indeed that finally do empty into paradise and truth, many of these roads beyond our ability to comprehend or understand. But being creatures so limited in understanding concerning this master plan of life, should we not merely leave such judgment concerning the disposition of all others hearts and souls in the hand of another, far greater than ourselves? For surely as a people, if we have not the common sense to keep ourselves from poisoning ourselves in our daily lives and undertakings, surely we lack as well the discernment and wisdom as well to predict the disposition of another's soul.

Our wisdom remains quite formatted and stringent in this regard, we believe one and all, that we only, hold the keys to paradise! The varied and myriad of factions that remain under the umbrella of Christianity alone would point clearly to this phenomenon! For surely there remain many groups listed on the rollcall representing this one belief system alone, that feel their doctrine alone and only theirs, shall usher them unto the truth! I am hopelessly given to this gentle notion however, that our creator remains steadfast in a heart painted in loveliness and true love, lending itself to the desire to draw all men unto himself in spirit, yes all who seek him in the heavens in sincere heart.

Our error in interpretation of scripture alone remains abundantly and readily visible to all who are enlightened to any extent! For it clearly states that judgment concerning such things does indeed not rest upon our shoulders, but another who stands far higher and taller in stature than ourselves! Our mere charge was to merely love all who inhale the air in like form such as we, yes, friend and foe alike!

In my childlike heart Ted, painted in such virgin idealism and innocence at times, I believe it shall be these indeed who see paradise! Yes, these who judge not but love all! Yes, in the face of times adversity, where hate runs ramped! Yes, as for me Ted, I feel of a certainty, that this road leads to paradise! Revering the God we know, pursuing love, and shunning judgment of any kind. Yes indeed, I feel those that walk that road, shall one day discover the final turn and juncture, that shall usher them unto the truth unfolded in clarity and unmistaken vision.

I salute you this day my friend, and retreat now upon the horizon of parchment, while casting blessings exhaled in your direction. Go in peace my friend.

Your brother always,
The Bard

It is the bulk of a life lived, that defines a man, not merely
a chapter, moment, nor day.

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